October 12, 2017 at 12:45 pm | What are the Most Fuel-Efficient Car Brands?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably always looking for ways to save money and close holes in your household budget. One of the biggest places that most people spend a large amount of money is into their car. Those who drive cars that have a low fuel-efficiency rating are more likely to be dumping more of their hard-earned money into their gas tank. As concerns for the environment continue to mount and gas prices continue to rise, more and more people are donating their old car and switching to a more fuel-efficient mode.


At the American Children’s Society, Inc., we are proud to be one of the top car donation charities in Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas. Drivers who are thinking about getting a newer vehicle are encouraged to donate their vehicle to a noble cause. In addition to taking vehicle donations, we also accept boats and RVs as well!


If you’re looking to upgrade your car this season, consider purchasing one of these three brands, which have been rated by Consumer Reports to be the most fuel-efficient on the market.


  • Though a bit pricier than most sedans on the market, Tesla’s innovative design represents the future of fuel-efficient cars. Tesla cars use electric motors, which equal out to huge savings for you when it comes to fueling up. The average Tesla vehicle is estimated to get an astonishing 93 miles to the gallon.


  • You probably already know the look of Smart’s vehicles thanks to their small design, but don’t let their size fool you. These cars pack a punch in the fuel efficiency department. Designed alongside Mercedes-Benz, the average Smart car gets about 35 miles to the gallon, making them perfect for most commuters.


  • Fiat delivers fuel efficiency with a distinctive Italian flair. Each one of FIAT’s gasoline models delivers at least 33 miles per gallon, and they are even expanding by planning to offer electric cars in the next five years.


If you wish to donate your car when you decide to get a new, fuel-efficient vehicle in Staten Island, NY, make sure you give to a great cause. If you’d like to learn more about how your donation can help children, reach out to our team at the American Children’s Society, Inc. by calling 888-776-4038.


September 8, 2017 at 7:10 pm | Is it Time to Invest in a New Car? Here’s How to Tell.

It happens to all of us. You’re sitting in traffic, and a shiny new convertible pulls up next to you at the stoplight. A single thought pops into your head: “I need a new car!” Most of the time, we have to push the impulse down for financial and practical reasons but how will you be able to tell when you really do need to invest in a new car? Here are three signs that a trip to the dealership isn’t going to be a waste.

● You’re getting low mileage. Everyone is tightening their wallets these days, and one of the biggest draws of a new car is improved fuel economy. If you have an older model or a “clunker,” you are likely losing money every time you drive your car. It might be time to donate your car in New Jersey and upgrade to a more fuel-efficient model.

● Your safety system is outdated. As technology improves, so does the safety of our vehicles. Newer cars have updated safety features including rear view cameras, weight-controlled airbag systems, and much more. If you frequently drive with your family and your car is over 10 years old, you may want to check out the safety features your current vehicle might be missing.

● Your old car is a dud. Even the most reliable and durable of vehicles will see their performance diminish with age. If your mechanic is spending more time in your car than you are, it’s time to weigh the financial cost of owning your car against an upgrade. While purchasing a new car will likely cost more in the short term, letting go can potentially save you more in the long term.

If you’ve decided that now is the right time to purchase a new vehicle, consider what you’ll do with your old one ahead of time. If you’d like to donate a car in NJ to a great cause, call us at American Children’s Society, Inc. at 888-776-4038 for more information.

August 21, 2017 at 9:25 pm | Three Sneaky Tax Deductions That Too Many Forget About

Tax time may be a while away, but it’s never too early to start getting your finances in order for the coming year. Most people know that they can write off expenses they’ve encountered during the year, but too many Americans think that these are only for business owners or performers. There are plenty of everyday tax deductions that the average worker can take advantage of — you just have to know what they are and remember to claim them. Here are three commonly forgotten tax deductions that many people miss to get you started. Don’t miss out!

● Moving expenses to relocate for your first job. A perfect deduction for all new college graduates: you can write off moving expenses you’ve incurred if you had to relocate to take your first job. If you’ve moved more than 50 miles, you can deduct 23 cents per mile, as well as the cost of any gas and tolls you’ve had to pay for getting to your new place.
● The value of non-monetary charitable contributions. Everyone knows that you can deduct any money that you’ve donated to a charity from your taxes, but did you know that you can also deduct the value of non-monetary donations? For example, if you choose to donate a car in NJ that’s worth $4,000 according to a reliable source like Kelly Blue Book, you are able to deduct that worth from your taxes. Sounds like the perfect reason to donate a car in New Jersey today, if you ask us.
● Jury dues paid to your employer. Did you get called for jury duty this year? Some companies will continue to pay employees their full salary when they’re called for jury duty, but ask that the employee give up their jury fees to the company accountants. However, the IRS requires you to report these fees as income; make sure to write them off if they were given to your employer!

Contact us today to learn how to donate your car and to learn how your donation supports children with cancer and their families.

August 2, 2017 at 9:29 pm | The Best Times of Year to Buy a New Car

Most people know that when it comes to vegetables, buying things that are in season is a much more affordable option than making imported choices, and it’s common knowledge that bathing suits are more affordable during the summer than they are in the season leading up to it. But did you know that depending on the time of year, you’re actually more or less likely to get a deal on a new car?


If you’ve been thinking about making an upgrade, take our tips for getting the best deal on your new ride, and don’t forget to donate a car in New Jersey to a great cause as soon as you get those new keys in your hand!


  • Visit the lot at the end of the month. Most car dealerships work with monthly quotas that they must meet to maintain a standard level of profits. This means that at the end of the month, salespeople are more pressed to meet their quotas, meaning it’s a better deal for you than at the beginning of the month!


  • Check out the end-of-the-year sales for the best price. As the year approaches an end, most car lots are extra excited to clear out that year’s models, so they have room to move in the newer (and more expensive) models for next year. The best months to buy a new car and donate a car in NJ are October, November, and December when dealerships are getting ready to figure out what to do with soon to be outdated models.


  • Buy at the end of the week. Even something as small as the day of the week can save you money when it comes to buying a new car! According to research by TrueCar.com, the best day of the week to shop the lot is Sunday; buyers who found the car they wanted on Friday and waited until Sunday to buy saved up to $2,000 when compared to buyers who bought on Friday.


Once you purchase a new car, you can donate your older vehicle to helping the fight against childhood cancer. If you wish to find out more about how you can make a difference with your donation, contact our team at American Children’s Society, Inc. today!

July 27, 2017 at 7:42 pm | How to Deduct a Donated Car from Your Taxes

Did you know that making a charitable car donation in New Jersey is considered financially similar to making a large cash donation when it comes to your taxes?  Donating your car counts as a charitable contribution and can result in massive savings.

The first step to claiming a car donation is to actually donate your car! Car donation in New Jersey is a growing charitable field, but in order to be able to consider your donation a charitable contribution, you must have documentation detailing the type of car you’ve donated, the vehicle identification number, the date of your donation and a signed statement from your charity of choice confirming that they have received your donation.

Next, you will need to determine the fair value of your car in one of two ways. If the charity you’ve donated to sells your car at auction, you can only deduct the final selling price from your taxes. If your car sold for $500 or less, you can deduct $500 or your car’s market value, whichever is the lesser amount. For example, if your car is worth $400 and it is sold by the charity for $250, you may deduct $500.

If your car was not sold at auction, it’s up to you to determine the fair market price for your vehicle. Resources like your local library and Kelley Blue Book can give you a pretty close estimate regarding the value of your car. Be sure to include the correct make, year and model of your car for the most accurate estimate.

Finally, when doing your taxes, the value of your car donation can be included under on line 17 of Schedule A. You may also need to complete Form 8283 if the deduction is over $500.

Donating your car is a great way to give back to your community- as well as save a little bit of money yourself. If you’re passionate about helping children, consider donating your car today- our friends and your wallet will thank you!