Fighting Childhood Cancer and Other Diseases

  • Assisting families of children undergoing bone marrow transplants
  • Providing transportation to and from hospitals for families in need
  • Financial support to families with overwhelming medical bills
  • Providing a therapist for children in need at home and on inpatient floors
  • Affording mortgage and utility bill assistance for families in need
  • Providing dinners for children and their families at holiday times
  • Distributing gifts for children on holidays
  • Providing financial assistance for funeral expenses and family counseling

Emergency Assistance

  • Emergency assistance is provided for those families that find themselves in need. Heat, electricity and doctor bills are common needs.

Food Program

  • By providing food, and formula for infants, we are assured of well balanced diets for our young clients

Clothing Program

  • Clean seasonal clothing is provided for children. In some instances, like our “Back to School” program, new clothing is provided for a renewed sense of self worth.

Educational Program

  • We subsidize “smoking awareness” programs in local elementary schools to alert young children to the dangers of smoking.

Special Transportation Assistance Program

  • We provide cars free of charge or at a price significantly below fair market value to poor, underprivileged and low income individuals who are in need of a means of transportation.
  • Due to the state of the economy and the increased demand for assistance, we have expanded this program to include the sale of donated vehicle to the general public who are in need of  inexpensive transportation.

We serve children and their families regardless of race, creed, or religion. Immediate assistance can sustain a family until a long term plan is developed and implemented. In some instances, emergency assistance lessens the future need for welfare or other public assistance.

To combat poverty, we give caring support so the family may improve their lives and quality of living. We view all families as deserving of respect and dignity. By providing balanced meals and clean seasonal clothing, out clients experience a renewed sense of self worth, regardless of their age.