5 Ways You Can Help Children with Cancer

Every day, 35 American children are diagnosed with cancer. Many people want to help kids who have serious medical issues, but they just aren’t sure how. At American Children’s Society, Inc., we provide ways for you to fight childhood cancer and support struggling families.

Donate Your Old Car

We accept donations of pre-owned cars, including trucks and RVs, whether or not they are still running. These vehicles may be donated to families who need transportation to school and work or may be sold to provide for families’ medical, household, and funeral expenses. You can even donate your boat to our NJ-based organization.

Give Blood

One-third of donated blood goes to patients with cancer and other blood disorders. Children with cancer may need blood transfusions due to the disease itself or side effects from treatment. Giving blood only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and your donation might save a child’s life.

Cut Your Hair

Several organizations provide wigs for children with hair loss due to cancer and other medical issues. Wigs made from real hair look and feel just like a child’s natural hair should, which improves their self-esteem and self-image. If you have long hair and are thinking about changing your style, consider chopping off eight inches (or more!) to help kids in need.

Start a Fundraiser

Many people have run successful fundraisers to support children with serious illnesses. One common way to raise money is to run a 5K. Other creative, compassionate people have gone skydiving, kissed pigs, and even held a weekend-long dance-a-thon.

Volunteer for a Nonprofit

Donating your time and energy to a trusted organization can be as helpful as cash. When you volunteer at a nonprofit that fights childhood cancer, you bring your unique and invaluable skill set to a worthy cause. American Children’s Society, Inc., for example, is comprised of volunteers who will provide immediate help 24 hours a day to families whose children have cancer and other childhood illnesses.

If you want to help children who are battling serious illnesses and medical conditions, then don’t just share a social media post. Take action.

At American Children’s Society, Inc., we provide a caring resource and support system for children in need and their families. Contact us today to find out more about how you can donate your car in NJ or PA and other ways to help.