Our Mission

We are dedicated to financially supporting children and families of children diagnosed with Cancer and other life threatening diseases as well as extending to the community a support system by providing a caring resource in which temporary and timely assistance is given to children and their families who find themselves in need of clothing, food, and emergency assistance. As needs change, we are there to develop and implement new programs to help today’s youth. We are here to listen to and learn what their changing needs are. We will support, offer guidance, and assist all of the young people, for they will soon be our future.

Company Profile

The American Children’s Society is a non profit organization with a 501(c)(3) ruling from the IRS.  We exist entirely on public support and do not receive any federal or state grants or loans. Our organization is comprised of volunteers who give their time and compassion to our clients unselfishly.

The society was created to enhance the existing social service programs that most often take too long to respond.  Any child in need requires an immediate response. Our volunteers are available 24 hours a day and will provide immediate individual help without the common red tape. We trust, that with your  support, our services will continue to bridge this enormous gap.