What Do Consumers Look for when Purchasing a New Car? The Latest Tech, Says New Survey

Have you ever wondered if you buy new vehicles the same way that everyone else does? A new survey from Autotrader.com and reported by CBS News has revealed what car buyers look for when shopping for their next ride. This survey indicates that the times and tech are changing the way we purchase cars! Whether they’re selling, trading, or donating a car to charity in NJ, most drivers on the hunt are looking for the latest technology.


In past years, automobile buying guides have found that Americans are usually loyal to their favorite brand. Whether it’s a Ford truck or a luxury Mercedes, buyers were much more likely to purchase a car that was the same brand as their previous model. However, a record 56% of Americans said that the most important factors they were considering when purchasing a vehicle were the technology and entertainment features.


Among the most popular advancements, Bluetooth compatibility was the most sought-after, with 31% of those surveyed stating that it was the most important factor that would influence their final decision. Other popular tech must-haves included rearview cameras (15%), heated seats and steering wheels (9%), and GPS navigation (4%).


Americans are so in love with their technology that they’re even willing to stray from their favorite brands to get the additional features that they want. A whopping 48% of survey participants said that having the latest technology in their new car was more important than both the brand of the car as well as the model. This means that nearly half of Americans would be willing to switch from an SUV to a sedan or vice versa if the competing model had the technology they wanted.


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