Empower Students By Donating to Our Children’s Back to School Program


For families who have a child with cancer or another serious medical condition, it can take more than an emotional toll on parents, guardians, and siblings. It can also be a strain on their finances. Between mounting medical bills, necessary equipment, treatments, and transportation, the various expenses incurred because of a child’s illness can seem never-ending. This stress is enough to make these families feel not only hopeless, but helpless too.

At American Children’s Society, Inc., we understand this struggle. It’s precisely why we take your car donation in Morris County, NJ and use the proceeds from its sale to help these sick children and their families. No parent should ever have to choose between paying rent or providing their children with new clothes. And with your contribution to our Back to School Program, they won’t need to.

Instilling Confidence and Self Esteem

For many children across the Garden State and in Philadelphia, going back to school is an exciting time. They get to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and share stories of their summertime adventures and vacations. They even might show off their new clothes, backpack, or sneakers.

Unfortunately, for some children, this is not a possibility. They may be wearing ill-fitting, torn, dirty, and worn-out clothing because that’s all their family can afford. Not only can this cause them social issues, making them face ridicule and embarrassment, but it can be a significant barrier to their education.

By providing them with clean clothing, socks, underwear, shoes, and jackets, American Children’s Society, Inc. installs confidence and self-esteem in these children to let them know that they matter and are important. Sending this message to kids can empower them and set them up for success, both now and later in life.

Donate Your Vehicle

As a nonprofit organization, American Children’s Society, Inc. relies on car donations from Monmouth County, NJ, and the surrounding areas. All types of vehicles are accepted, including recreational vehicles and even boats. We also feature a friendly and helpful team of staff members who can walk you through the donation process and answer all of your questions.

To donate your vehicle and help empower a young student through our Back to School Program, call us at 866-370-7234 today!