Fighting Back Against Cancer And Its Cost

Fighting back against cancer isn’t just hard on the body and mind, it’s also hard on financial resources, too. For families of children with this and other debilitating diseases, mounting medical bills combined with pressure from demanding hospitals can create seemingly insurmountable debts and stress for them.

An Emergency Support System

At American Children’s Societies, we believe that no sick child or their family should be denied basic human needs. That’s why, along with our other programs for providing food and clothing to families in need, we offer our emergency assistance programs for those who desperately require our help. To accomplish this, we rely on car donations from Monmouth County, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Our emergency assistance program provides a variety of services and aid that can help to reduce the stress of having a sick child, and also the financial burden that accompanies it. We offer assistance with transportation to and from medical appointments and treatments, help with medical expenses, and other sources of financial aid in the form of utilities and mortgage or rent assistance.

We’re honored to use our years of experience and resources to help these children and their families reduce the financial stress that comes with raising a child with a debilitating disease.

A Community Effort

We can’t accomplish our mission without the compassionate generosity of the members of our community, who give their time and money to help us further our cause. We rely on volunteers, sponsorships, contributions, and donations to effectively manage and grow our organization, so we can continue to provide aid and support to those who truly need it.

In addition to financial contributions, we derive much of our resources from car donations, all from members of our community, just like you. Not only do car donations provide families with the necessary and affordable transportation to get to crucial medical appointments, but they also serve to further our various outreach programs, like our emergency assistant services, all generated through the proceeds from their sale.

At American Children’s Society, we prioritize community involvement in our work, because without donations from our residents, we couldn’t properly serve these children and their families. And helping them is more than our mission —  it’s our calling.

For more information on donating your car in Ocean County, NJ, or any other charitable contributions, call us at 888-776-4038, or fill out this online form.