What Impact Can a Simple Car Donation Have?

When you’re done with a car, boat, truck, or RV that you own, what do you think of doing with it? Your first instinct is probably to sell it; however, you can get so much more out of getting rid of your car than just a little bit of money.

What if you could change someone’s life by simply donating a car that you have no use for anymore? When you donate instead of sell, you could even help fight childhood cancer and other diseases.

Giving Back Through American Children’s Society

When you donate your car to American Children’s Society, a car donation non-profit near Philadelphia, you can complete the following tasks:

● Support families with overwhelming medical bills
● Provide dinner for children and families around the holidays
● Assist children undergoing bone marrow transplants
● Provide transportation to and from hospitals
● Distribute gifts to children on holidays
● Provide financial assistance for therapy and family counseling
● And much more

Who knew getting rid of an old car could have such an impact? At American Children’s Society, we take your vehicle and turn it into something meaningful for families with children suffering from cancer. We either donate your car to a family in need of one, or use the money from it to assist with our multiple programs.

Each program is designed to help children and families in a different way. Our programs include:

Emergency Assistance
● Emergency assistance is for families who are not able to afford necessities like heat, electricity, and doctor’s bills.

Clothing Program
● We provide clean, seasonal clothing for children.

Food Program
● We offer children a well-balanced selection of food.

Educational Program
● We provide smoking awareness programs to children in local schools.

Special Transportation Assistance Program
● Not only do we offer your donations to families of children with cancer at a significantly lower price, but we offer this program to other families in need as well.

As you can see, you can transform a family’s world by simply donating a vehicle you no longer have use for. To learn more about our organization or donate your car near Trenton, NJ, contact us today at 888-776-4038.