Why Owning Tow Trucks is Key to Giving the Best Car Donation

If you’re feeling the holiday spirit this winter, you might be considering spreading the seasonal cheer with an NJ car donation to help out those less fortunate. But with so many donation options to choose from, how can you decide which is the best charity to donate your new or used vehicle to?

This season, our tow truck services at American Children’s Society, Inc. to help those in need and give yourself a little gift come tax time as well!

One of the little-known ways to maximize your return when making a car donation is to choose a service that owns their own towing trucks instead of hiring out contractors to do the dirty lifting. This is because when our team handles the cost of towing, you will be allowed to claim the full Kelley Blue Book value when it comes to writing off the cost of your vehicle as a charitable donation.

We at American Children’s Society, Inc. are proud to say that we handle all of our own towing needs, and pass those savings along to you when it comes time to write up your annual tax report.

We are the only car donation charity in the Tri-State area that provides in-house towing for our donations, making the American Children’s Society, Inc. the best place to donate a car. Not to mention that when you choose us for your donation, your money goes to helping sick children and their families recover from cancer.

Now is the perfect time to get into the giving mood and learn more about the benefits of donating your car, truck, boat or SUV to the American Children’s Society, Inc. To learn more about our towing services or our mission, feel free to give us a call today at 888-776-4038 to get started.