Providing Transportation Assistance to NJ and Philadelphia

At The American Children’s Society, we provide support to children and their families who are experiencing life-threatening diseases, like cancer and other illnesses. These families are in dire need of healthcare assistance, and they can also face significant transportation barriers involved in getting to doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and other destinations. 

These barriers can turn a routine commute into a challenging and trying experience, not only for those in need of medical care but also for those who are underprivileged and from low-income areas. Getting to work on time, handling everyday errands and tasks, and juggling kids’ schedules can be next to impossible when relying on public transportation.

With our Transportation Assistance Program, The American Children’s Society is proud to contribute reliable and affordable transportation to those who need it through a car donation in NJ and Philadelphia.

How It Works

At The American Children’s Society, we are a nonprofit organization that exists solely on public support, and we don’t receive any federal or state loans. Consequently, we rely on volunteers and donations from people like you who unselfishly give their time and money to help families and donate a car in the Philadelphia and NJ areas.

With an affordable or even free vehicle, we provide these families with a means to have quality and reliable transportation. Not only will a dedicated form of transportation be a dependable asset, but they will also have the ability to explore new employment opportunities through traveling further from home than the limitations of public transit will allow.  

How You Can Help

The American Children’s Society helps all kinds of families from the area, including both inner-city and rural working poor. We don’t discriminate against any race, creed, or religion, and we know how important dependable transportation can be for our constituents.

While we always accept all kinds of donations, volunteers, and participants, our Transportation Assistance Program relies on car donations. We need caring and nurturing donors to help provide our families with opportunities for success. So donate your car now to give to a family who desperately needs your help.

To inquire how you can help, call us at 888-776-4038, or visit to fill out a simple and straightforward car donation form.