How Your Summertime Donations Help Sick and Disadvantaged Kids

It’s finally summer, and although you may be spending your time at the beach, the park, or the pool, we want to remind you that there is still a significant need for donations to our nonprofit organization. At American Children’s Society, Inc., we rely entirely on the support from our surrounding communities to provide assistance for sick children and their families. And this season, it’s more crucial than ever to contribute to our cause. Here’s how your summertime donations help these disadvantaged children:

School’s Out

Now that school is out of session for the season, this can cause complications for families in need. For many underprivileged kids, they rely on the meals that are provided to them by their school. And for many of them, the food they are given there may be the last meal they eat each day. Having schools closed down prevents these needy kids from getting fed, puts more stress on their parents, and can negatively impact their finances, which may already be stretched.

Donating in these summer months can alleviate some of the stress on these families because using your contributions, we provide these children with our food program, which offers them healthy eating options during the season. This can ensure that these children are getting the essential nutrients and other benefits from a well-balanced diet. We even provide formula for infants in need.

Busy Schedules

When children are on vacation from school, it can create hectic situations at home. Busy parents trying to juggle the transportation and schedules of their children’s various summertime activities can be difficult, especially when already dealing with a sick child.

When you donate your car in Philadelphia to American Children’s Society, Inc., you provide these families with affordable and reliable transportation options to get them to their necessary doctor’s appointments and treatments, as well as their baseball games, swim meets, and other summertime activities.

Relying on Your Generosity

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, American Children’s Society, Inc. is dependent on your donations and contributions to help the sick children of our communities.

However, what you may not realize is that we don’t just accept your used car as a donation — we’ll also take your boat, recreational vehicle, and more. We even offer a friendly staff to help you through every step of this process, making it convenient and easy.

For more information on how to help the sick children of our community, or to donate your car in Morris County, NJ, call us at 866-297-6979 or fill out this online form.